Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Micro-project?

A locally developed solution to address poverty. Just Peoples sources and vets micro-projects across Africa and Asia which have been developed by local people and need between $500 and $1,500 to be put into practice. Just Peoples micro-projects cover a range of different solutions which address the context of poverty in different communities such as education, job creation and healthcare.

How do you source your micro-projects?

We partner with a network of locally registered grassroots organisations based across Asia and Africa who are working to address poverty in their local communities. These partners are best placed to identify people with the skills and local knowledge to implement each micro-project. Read more about our local partner approach here.

How do I choose which micro-project to support?

We purposely choose micro-projects which address poverty in a number of different ways so that you can choose one which resonates with your values, passions or interests. If you are having trouble deciding after checking out all the micro-projects, set up a one-to-one chat with Christey works closely with our local heroes to tell their stories and will be able to give you all the insider information you need to make your choice!

What happens after my micro-project is fully funded?

Just Peoples will pass on 100% of the money received to our local partner who will get to work implementing your chosen micro-project. We will keep you updated on how the project is going and send you personalised feedback from your micro-project after it takes place. We keep in regular contact with each of our partners and if for any reason the local situation or context changes unexpectedly and your micro-project can no longer take place, we will we discuss options with you for how else you would like your money to be spent.

How will I know that my micro-project has taken place?

You will receive personalised feedback from the people you have supported. This feedback varies depending on the micro-project but previous local heroes have sent through personalised videos, photos, letters and even pieces of artwork to their supporters.

Can I part-fund a micro-project?

Just Peoples micro-projects have been designed in such a way that they need the full amount of funding in order for them to take place. However, if you are inspired by one of our local heroes but are not in a position to fund or fundraise for the entire project please send an email to and let Christey know who you would like to support and how much you would like to donate. Christey can advise on a case by case basis what your donation could pay for.

Are there any other ways to make a one-off donation?

You can choose to make a donation towards any micro-project which already has a fundraiser. Look out for micro-projects which say "XXX is fundraising". You can also make a donation directly to Just Peoples.

Where does my micro-project donation go?

100% of money received by Just Peoples for micro-project donations is passed on to our local partners to create your chosen impact. Read more about our zero-commission approach here.

How do you fund your overhead costs?

Largely through donations from generous individuals and businesses who back our model and are keen to be a part of bringing our new approach to tackling global poverty to life. To be a part of ensuring Just Peoples financial sustainability consider joining our regular giving Champions program or make a one-off donation. We also cover some of the costs of running our organisation through an optional tick box at check out where people donating to our micro-projects can opt to contribute a small amount to cover Just Peoples' costs.

What if the micro-project I really want to support has already been funded?

Set up a one-to-one chat with Christey will work with you and our network of local partners to see if it’s possible to initiate a similar micro-project that matches your interests.

Can I support Just Peoples or sponsor a micro-project through my business?

Absolutely! Discover all the ways your business can get involved here.

Is my donation eligible for a tax deduction or Gift Aid?

If you are looking to fund a full micro-project and would like to find out whether you could receive a tax deduction or be eligible for gift aid please email with the micro-project you are looking to fund as well as your country of residence.

How do you define a "life impacted"?

Each micro-project at Just Peoples is unique and so is the impact that it has on the lives of the local people. Impacts of previous micro-projects have included: families gaining access to a clean water source, children receiving free education, women getting access to safe maternity health care and young people attending job training programs. Refer to each individual micro-project to discover the impact it will have once funded.

If I fund a micro-project can I visit the location where my micro-project has taken place?

We do not facilitate travel to visit micro-projects at Just Peoples. However, we are happy to check with our local partner if a visit would be possible. If you do decide to travel, you will need to cover all costs and all travel planning and meetings and logistics would need to be approved by our local partner to ensure it was appropriate and beneficial to their community. We do not take any liability for any travel undertaken by people who have donated or fundraised with Just Peoples.

I’ve never fundraised before – where do I start?

Don’t stress! We love fundraising and are here to support you every step of the way. We have created a [fundraiser toolkit][9] packed with ideas and tips for your fundraising and have dedicated fundraising mentors if you would like someone to talk to throughout your fundraising journey. Karen, one of our star Just Peoples fundraisers, shares her experience here. [9]:

How long do I have to fundraise for my chosen micro-project?

Fundraisers have 45 days to raise funds for their projects. This deadline is to protect our local partners who need to plan and mobilise resources in their communities to make their micro-projects happen.

What if I can’t raise all the money needed to fund my micro-project?

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean you may be unable to fully fund your micro-project. If you do not hit your target we will ensure all the money received from your donors will be passed to the local partner who is running your micro-project to support their work.

What if I exceed my micro-project fundraising target?

Awesome! As you are approaching your target we will discuss with you how you would like any excess funds raised to be spent on a case by case basis. Choices generally include: scaling up your current micro-project to impact more people, picking a new micro-project to support, or supporting Just Peoples directly.

How can I get funding from Just Peoples for my project?

We do not accept unsolicited applications for project funding. Just Peoples has developed long-term partnerships with grassroots organisations that implement all Just Peoples projects. Each project is designed as part of a sustainable program to alleviate poverty in the local community.


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