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Our Business Champions are a community of businesses who share our vision of a world free from poverty. Their monthly donations make us financially sustainable, so we can turn our vision into reality.

By contributing regularly to Just Peoples your business is creating a social impact, positively contributing to the world by lifting communities out of poverty. This is not only great for the people who are now leading better lives, it’s also good business for you!

A monthly donation of $100 will benefit your business by:

  • Improving its public image, as you publicise your positive social contribution

  • Increasing sales and customer loyalty, as ethically-minded consumers choose you over the competition

  • Increasing brand awareness as Just Peoples promotes your business’s support

We’ll help you maximise these benefits by:

  • Providing photos and videos from our micro-projects for you to share with your clients

  • Sending impact stories on the great work your donations are helping us to achieve on the ground

  • Promoting your business at events and on social media

  • Putting your logo on our website and linking it to your company website

  • Awarding you a Business Champions certificate you can put on your office wall/in your shop/ on your website

  • Making it easy for your business to do good! All you need to do is sign up and we take care of the rest

Your monthly donation of $100 will enable Just Peoples to:

  • source and carry out due diligence on new partners and projects

  • recruit new fundraisers and support existing ones

  • run our website, promote our organisation and keep on top of legal requirements

  • invest in our hardworking team

Most importantly, your monthly gift will enable us to empower more local people to lift their communities out of poverty.



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