Support Yasinta to provide free pre-school education in Batam

$1,202 will pay for:

One full year of pre-school education for 33 children.



Yasinta's story

Batam, Indonesia


In 1996, Yasinta Tuto left her hometown in a rural province in Indonesia and migrated with her husband to the industrial town of Batam, to find work. Many families such as Yasinta’s come to Batam looking for work in the factories and end up unemployed and isolated, with no choice but to collect and sell rubbish to earn enough to survive. Yasinta was fortunate to secure work in a factory, but in 2013 was forced to quit her job when she fell ill. With 4 children to care for this left her in a very vulnerable position.

Many of the local children whose parents cannot afford an education have ended up collecting and selling rubbish with their parents or, worse still, have ended up in the drug and sex trafficking trade.

Fortunately for Yasinta, she was offered training as a preschool teacher by a local non-government organisation called Yayasan that has opened 5 preschools in Batam squatter areas, offering completely free education to local 6 and 7-year-olds. This school also provides employment opportunities for the wider community, as teachers such as Yasinta are trained and hired from within the squatter settlement. The preschool focuses on reading, writing and maths so that their students are equipped with the skills needed to participate in the public primary school system.


Students who graduate from Yayasan preschools frequently come top of the class once they enter public-funded primary schools. As such, the demand for migrant children to enter these schools is increasing and Yayasan relies on support from the public to fund their teachers’ salaries.

The reason I have to work is because I like the children and I want to support my children’s education and help my husband. Thank you to Yayasan to let me join to be a teacher at this preschool and thank you to Just Peoples who willing to support my salary
— Yasinta Tuto

In a community such as Yasinta's where people face multiple hardships, Yayasan schools provide much needed hope for a more positive future for these hard-working people. Providing funding for Yasinta to teach at Yayasan will enable Yayasan to extend its essential services and education to 33 vulnerable children in Batam.