Support Vijeta to run a mental health and empowerment course for Indian school girls

$1,104 will pay for: 

Vijeta to run a 6-month course for 36 girls living in a North Indian slum.


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Vijeta's story

 Dehradun, India

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In the slums in Dehradun, Northern India, girls’ education is seen as less important than boys’, and they are often pulled out of school early. Many girls are forced to marry at a very young age and their only perceived employment option is to become a domestic worker in someone else’s home.

Vijeta is a single mother from Dehradun, who went back to study while still taking care of her child, after she separated from her husband. Through this experience she came to understand that girls needed to be resilient in order to thrive in this world. She believes that building resilience among young girls is the best way to equip them for their future and help them be independent and make their own decisions when the time comes.

Vijeta is a community member working with groups of girls who have dropped out from school. She runs a programme to help them deal with their emotions, speak out when they are being treated unfairly, and become resilient to the everyday stresses they face in their environment. Attendees of Vijeta's programme have reported much higher levels of self-esteem, and felt inspired to continue with their education as well as address problems in their home lives.

I want to help the girls be independent and to face the stress of life! If they cannot handle stress they will not be able to handle life
— Vijeta

Vijeta and the other course facilitators also work with parents of the participants to ensure the newly self-assured girls will be encouraged to thrive at home as well as in the classroom. Previous graduates of Vijeta's empowerment courses have gone on to advocate for gender equality and provide peer support in the wider community.

$1,104 will enable Vijeta to run this 6-month course for 36  14 and 15 year old girls so they can build positive and self determined futures.