Vante wants to give his students a broad and modern education

$1,015 will pay for:

80 rural Bangladeshi students to learn physical, technical and literacy skills



Vante's Story

Thanchi, Bangladesh

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1 out of every 3 Bangladeshis live below the poverty line, and 1 in 5 kids don't attend primary school. Students in rural areas often walk miles to study in broken down schools with limited teaching staff and resources available. Due to a lack of access to technology and basic school supplies, students living in rural areas are falling further and further behind their urban peers, increasing levels of poverty and inequality.

Vante Risa Wa is a Buddhist monk who runs a free school in the mountainous region of Thanchi, one of the remotest areas in Bangladesh. Students at this school – who are from extremely poor families, and many without parents – travel up to 100 kilometres over mountains, through rivers, and on bamboo rafts, to gain their education. Because most students live so far from the school they board at the school for the duration of the term, with all of their food and accommodation supported by the generosity of the local villagers who believe that educating the next generation is key to breaking the cycle of poverty in rural Bangladesh.

In 2017 these eager-to-learn kids saw a computer for the first time, thanks to the support of a previous Just Peoples fundraiser. When the computers were brought to the village the children walked for 8 hours just to see them arrive, because they were so excited to see a computer. They also had the internet and a webcam installed and have been receiving online lessons from teachers in Dhaka ever since.

Seeing the incredible impact the computer technology has had on the children, Vante is determined to continue to provide his students with access to a broad and modern curriculum to fully equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. In order to do this Vante wants to establish 3 clubs at the school:

  • Reading and Speaking Club: Using the internet and webcam, students can connect with teachers in Dhaka, learning to read and write in their native language as well as in English
  • Sports Club: an all-inclusive Physical Education club with a focus on involving female students in sports they want to play

  • Science Club: students will use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) kits to learn robotics, environmental solutions and other technical skills

Once the clubs are up and running a network of university students will make regular visits to Thanchi to maintain the equipment and continue the club activities.

For $1,015 Vante can purchase equipment, establish and run these 3 clubs, providing 80 students with physical, technical and literacy skills so they can not only escape poverty but thrive in the future.