Tuy Som

Support Tuy Som to coach Cambodian teenagers in football and life

$1,086 paid for:

A year's worth of football training and life-skills workshops for 15 underprivileged boys



Tuy Som's Story

Siem Reap, Cambodia


Tuy Som made it to the Cambodian National League as a professional football player. Growing up in a rural Cambodian village, football (soccer) was Tuy Som’s passion. When he was forced to leave school as his parents couldn’t afford the fees, playing football and his desire to succeed in the sport, was the only thing that kept him grounded and focused, giving him a reason to work hard. After 8 years of professional football, Tuy Som moved with his family from the capital to Siem Reap where he eventually found his dream job: coaching underprivileged teenagers living in the city’s slums to play his beloved sport.

Tuy Som’s players live in extremely marginalised communities on the outskirts of tourist hotspot Siem Reap, where widespread poverty, substance abuse, crime and family breakdown are rife. With violent and unhealthy living environments, limited access to healthcare, education and work opportunities, and no social protection mechanisms, it’s almost impossible for these youths to break the cycle of poverty.

This is why on top of football skills training, Tuy Som also teaches his players how to be good people and how to succeed in life. His programme teaches methods of non-violent conflict resolution, so the players can safely and effectively mediate during conflicts at home and in the community. They also learn the values of teamwork, respect for others, hard work, and gender equality.

When I see the players happy, I’m happy also. But what makes me the most happiest is when I teach some players about some skills etc and they listen. It means they respect what I say and they believe that I can help them improve as players and people too.
— Tuy Som

There are also employment opportunities available for those who have potential to play professionally. But the training has the dual focus of football and education so all players can be equipped for a safe and happy future, no matter their skill level.

$1,086 will enable Tuy Som to provide 15 teenage boys from violent and neglectful environments with a year’s free football training and life-skills workshops, equipping them with life direction, an outlet for growth, and the opportunity to develop into responsible and successful citizens.