Support Thulile to bring maternity healthcare to mothers and babies in rural South African villages

$1,218 will pay for:

32 women and their babies to receive food and nutrition packs and essential maternity health education and care 



Thulile's Story

Nkanini, South Africa


Thulile Shange is a single mother of 5 who singlehandedly raised her own children as well as her siblings after her own mother passed away. When her children got older and started families of their own, Thulile decided to utilise her wealth of experience in childcare and now spends her time educating her local community in maternal and child health and nutrition, in order to minimise the currently high levels of infant mortality and malnutrition. She has learnt first-hand the serious developmental effects that malnutrition has on children and knows that it starts right at the beginning during pregnancy.

Thulile works on a maternity programme in the rural African town of Nkanini where there is no government support for maternity health. The programme provides free information to expecting and current mothers by offering home visits and group classes, as well as food and nutrition packs, so that women can learn how to best prepare for birth, and gain an understanding of postnatal care, immunisation and breastfeeding.

Thulile conducts mass education seminars, and facilitates community dialogues and mothers’ support groups. She currently supports 9 pregnant women, 7 breastfeeding mothers and their babies, and 16 women who are preparing for pregnancy.

Thulile's essential maternity health programme has already seen great results in the community as more women are now being checked by a doctor during pregnancy, and more newborns are being brought into the local clinic for regular health checks.

$1,218 will enable Thulile to run public health education seminars and conduct fortnightly home visits to 32 women and their babies, providing food and nutrition packs and essential maternity health education, for 6 months