Enable Teresa to provide safe, stable employment to rural Kenyan women

$963 paid for:

10 sewing machines trained seamstresses can rent-to-buy, with loan repayments reinvested into buying more sewing machines



Teresa's Story

Kisumu, Kenya


Teresa is a single mother who worked hard to raise her son in a poor district of Kisumu, Kenya. In Teresa’s hometown women are not culturally ‘supposed’ to work so there are very few employment opportunities for them. Given such limited options, it’s sadly common practice for local women to sell “sex for fish” just so they can feed their families. 

Teresa was fortunate enough to be a skilled seamstress who owned a sewing machine, so she was able to support her hardworking son, Dancan, throughout his education. With determination and his mother’s support Dancan earned multiple academic scholarships and ended up working in elite banking and financial institutions all over the world. After working with microfinance in Cambodia and seeing how just $5 could change someone’s life, Dancan decided to return to Kenya and team up with his mother to help other single women find secure employment and become self-sustainable. 


Teresa then set up a training programme for 65 local women between the ages of 17 and 50 and taught them to sew. At the same time, Dancan taught them financial literacy skills so they can manage their own small businesses. The women are now skilled up, excited to work and ready to go! But there’s only one problem: they don’t have sewing machines. 

For $963 Teresa can buy 10 sewing machines that the seamstresses can rent-to buy. As they pay back their loans Teresa will reinvest the money into buying more sewing machines for more women. At the same time Dancan will continue to support the budding entrepreneurs with financial skills and business advice so their income is sufficient and sustainable.