Srey Roth

Support Srey Roth to provide 20 Cambodian women with contraception and counselling

$870 paid for:

A 3-year comprehensive family planning programme with ongoing counselling for 20 women living in Siem Reap's slums.



Srey Roth's Story

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Srey Roth knows all too well that poverty is exacerbated by having too many children to take care of. As one of 12 children born to poor parents in rural Cambodia she grew up with very little to eat as her parents couldn’t afford to feed their large family. And when famine hit and there was no rice, Srey Roth and her siblings had to forage in the forest for things to eat, with many people getting sick from eating poisonous plants. During these severe years, with not enough resources to go around, Srey Roth sadly lost four of her brothers.

Women living in rural areas in Cambodia face ongoing birth control problems due to lack of access to family planning and insufficient financial support from the government. Having more children when resources are already stretched to the maximum, increases the likelihood of families having to give their children up to institutions. In the worst-case scenarios, children left in over-capacitated institutions can end up becoming victims of human trafficking.

Despite facing such poverty and hardship, Srey Roth worked extremely hard to finish high school with good grades in every subject, and was able to go to university in the capital where she gained a Psychology degree. She now works in Siem Reap helping disadvantaged women who she can relate to on a personal level, by providing birth control programmes and family planning counselling.

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The women Srey Roth serves struggle to keep their precious families together and are worried that they may fall pregnant again. They can simply not afford to have any more children, and one more pregnancy could result in a total breakdown of the family. Many women have dangerous backstreet abortions as they have no access to safe birth control. In these conditions it’s almost impossible for these families to break the cycle of poverty, let alone access the medical and psychological care they need.

Srey Roth delivers essential contraception and family planning education to women who can’t afford to have any more children. She also provides counselling to the women to empower them to build better lives.

$870 will enable Srey Roth to provide a 3-year birth control program as well as ongoing counselling and support to 20 more women, so they can break the cycle of poverty and start to build safer, healthier futures for themselves and their families.