Sophorn provides counselling and mental healthcare to traumatised Cambodians living in poverty

$1,049 will pay for:

180 one-to-one hours of counselling with Sophorn for some of Cambodia's most vulnerable people

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Sophorn's Story

Siem Reap, Cambodia


Around 1 in 5 Cambodians live in extreme poverty, many of whom face ongoing, poverty-related traumas. Despite this, mental healthcare is not widely available and is only an option for the richest members of society.

Sophorn is a rare counsellor based in Siem Reap who works with the most disadvantaged families, going above and beyond the call of duty, and never turning a poor person away. He helps his clients work through situations such as domestic violence, child abuse, addiction and trafficking.

Sophorn’s dedication to serving the Cambodian people came from a lifetime of hardship himself, followed by relative opportunity. Facing extreme poverty, Sophorn’s parents couldn’t afford to send their six children to school. Despite his older siblings desperately wanting to get an education, Sohporn the youngest was the only one given the chance to go to school. Understanding the privilege bestowed on him Sophorn worked as hard as he could to use his education and get a good job. Sophorn succeeded in finding that great job where he is able to utilise his degree and passion to help people, to provide support to as many people as he can who didn’t receive the same good fortune as him.


"I love and care for my people very much. My dream is to aid people in my community and country so that I can assist in breaking the poverty cycle."

Sophorn’s clients come from extremely marginalised communities, where widespread poverty, substance abuse, crime and family breakdown are rife. With high levels of domestic violence, limited access to healthcare or education, and no social protection mechanisms, it’s almost impossible for these families to break the cycle of poverty, let alone access the counselling and psychological care they need.

Sophorn understands that counselling alone wont solve poverty, so he makes sure his clients receive all the care they need including access to education, and adequate food and housing.

I really work hard but I never complain how much work I do – just feel lucky and happy to see someone’s smiles with hope of a better future.
— Sophorn

$1,049 will cover the costs of 180 hours of one-on-one counselling with Sophorn, for the poor families of Siem Reap that are in critical need of support.