Support Sharmin to offer menstruation advice and support to young women in Bangladesh

$1,062 will pay for:

Menstrual health education and books for 175 adolescent girls in Bangladesh.


Sharmin's Story

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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In Bangladesh, 15 million adolescent girls suffer in silence when they get their periods as it is a social taboo to speak about menstruation. Due to a lack of knowledge about how to safely manage their periods, many girls skip school for up to a week each month and use unhygienic rags or leaves to prevent staining their clothing.

Sharmin will not accept this hardship as the reality for so many young women in her country. She is committed to changing the mindset about menstruation in Bangladesh and to provide a solution for affordable sanitary products.

I want every girl to know that it’s natural and they should be proud of it. I want them to know that having their period empowers them to bring another human into the world!
— Sharmin

Sharmin’s own experience with getting her period at 13 years old is a painful memory. She was not told by her school or parents what was happening to her body and it severely affected her confidence to try to deal with these changes on her own. Sharmin was lucky enough that her elder sister eventually handed her a sanitary pad, with no explanation, which she worked out was to use at this time of month. 

Sharmin works with a team of volunteers to run workshops in schools and educate young women about their menstrual cycle. She also shares with girls how to manage their periods safely and hygienically and refers them to a volunteer gynecology service if they speak to her about experiencing any problems with their menstrual health.

Sharmin has recently written a simple picture book to distribute at her workshops and leave girls with material to read in their own time to teach them about what is happening to their bodies when they get their periods. This book can also be shared with family members and friends as a lasting way to educate and change the stigma related to talking about menstrual health in Bangladesh.

$1,062 will enable Sharmin to print and distribute 175 copies of her new book and provide menstrual health education for 175 girls.