Support Phumele to deliver education to vulnerable kids from the tribal village of Kwa Shange

$1,032 will pay for:

Phumele to provide education for 180 children 



Phumele's Story

Kwa Shange, South Africa

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In the tribal village of Kwa Shange in South Africa, there are increasing numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children due to a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Children have little to no education because most of their caregivers are illiterate, they have to leave school to care for siblings, or they have no birth certificates so they can’t legally enter state schools at all.

Phumele is committed to supporting these children to reach their full potential and break the cycle of poverty in Kwa Shange.

Phumele, whose own father died when she was just 3, was fortunate enough to receive care at a centre which offers free education to the orphaned and vulnerable children in her village. This centre provides children with basic life skills and early childhood development education, including reading, writing, social skills, sports and horticulture. 

Once Phumele's own children became old enough to join the centre, Phumele also returned to the centre, but this time to volunteer her time to help run the organisation. She completed training in Child and Youth Care and Mother and Child Health Nutrition and Parenting skills, and dedicated herself to working as a volunteer. For years she has been doing the centre's administration work, assisting school children with their homework and facilitating skills like beadwork.

The centre’s director said Phumele
“has love for the children and is very passionate in her work. She is exemplary to all centre children since most of the games are conducted by her.”

Phumele's centre, which is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty in Kwa Shange, doesn’t receive any government funding. With the number of students that the centre supports constantly growing, and the resources needed for students proving costly, Phumele and her team need financial support to continue and increase their impact.

$1,032 will enable Phumele to cover the costs of running the centre for 6 months.