Support Naomy to provide rural Kenyan students with quality education materials

$777 will pay for: 

10 electronic tablets pre-loaded with Kenyan national school curriculum materials bringing education to 30 children. 

Naomy Story


42% of Kenyans live below the poverty line and people living in rural areas face increased challenges with limited access to healthcare, safe water and other social services, which are primarily located in the cities. As a result of a lack of access to quality education, some rural areas of Kenya have a literacy rate of less than 10%.

Naomy is determined to do something about the education levels in rural areas. 

Naomy started her career as a hairdresser but retrained as a teacher for early childhood development as she became passionate about uplifting children from poor backgrounds in rural Kenya and wanted to impact their lives through education. 

Many of Naomy's students live on less than a dollar a day. Although they are enrolled in school, many cannot afford books to study from and the school itself doesn't have books for every subject. 

Naomy's solution is to provide tablets, which have educational resources pre-loaded onto them, to the students at her school. These resources have been developed by Kenya’s Ministry of Education and form part of the national school curriculum.

In other schools where these tablets have been used the students have become much more engaged with their learning. The tablets  also provide a great solution for self-directed learning when teacher availability is limited.

With $777, Naomy can buy 10 tablets for her primary school, providing the students with access to the national educational curriculum and raising the standard of education in rural Kenya.

$777  will pay for: 

  • 10 electronic tablets pre-loaded with Kenyan national school curriculum materials
  • Shipping costs to deliver the tablets to Naomy's school
  • 2 training sessions on how to use the tablets for Naomy and her fellow teachers
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