has provided healthcare to 85 rural Bangladesh children


$744 paid for

85 children to receive medical checkups, medication and first aid training


Mushfiqur's story

Tanchi, Bangladesh

1 out of every 3 Bangladeshis live below the poverty line, and children living in rural areas have very limited access to healthcare, increasing levels of poverty and inequality.

Mushfiqur is a local Bangladeshi inventor, educator, builder, scientist and teacher, who uses his many skills to help disadvantaged Bangladeshi children.

Two years ago Mushfiqur and his friends began visiting a free school in the isolated, mountainous region of Thanchi, where there are no medical clinics or even doctors. The students they support - who are from extremely poor families, and many without parents - travel up to 100 kilometres over mountains, through rivers, and on bamboo rafts, to gain their education. Because most students live so far from the school they board at the school for the duration of the term, with all of their food and accommodation supported by the generosity of the local villagers.


Mushfiqur and his team brought computers to the school and connected them up to the internet so the students could receive extra lessons from teachers in Dhaka. They then went back and set up literacy, sports and science clubs. Now Mushfiqur wants to bring these children healthcare.

Despite the existence of one pharmacy in Thanchi, there are no doctors or clinics, so the students and their teachers go unchecked and undiagnosed for any diseases. Since the kids are only fed twice a day (at 6am and 6pm) due to lack of funds, a lot of them suffer from malnutrition related problems. Small-scale, easily avoidable diseases are exacerbated by malnutrition, and without basic medical care, can quickly become serious. In worst cases, children die because of complications that could have been tackled via very simple prescriptions. On top of this they have very limited knowledge on hygiene, menstrual health and other basic health issues.


Mushfiqur wants to bring a team of volunteer doctors from Dhaka to Thanchi to carry out a medical camp and interactive health workshops to provide the children with comprehensive medical checkups, diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication. They will also instruct them on basic healthcare practices including first aid.

With $744 Mushfiqur and his team of doctors provided effective and essential healthcare to 85 children and their teachers.