is determined to provide computer education in rural Bangladesh


$1,588 will pay for

250 rural children to gain access to computers and become IT literate.


Mushfiqur's story

Aged 21, Bangladesh

1 out of every 3 people in Bangladesh live below the poverty line and 1 in 5 kids don't attend primary school. Students in rural areas often walk miles to study in broken down schools with limited teaching staff and resources to support their studies. Due to a lack of access to technology, students living in rural areas are falling further and further behind their urban peers.

Mushfiqur is a local Bangladeshi inventor, educator, builder, scientist and teacher.

"It all probably begin from back when I was about 8 years old. I had this drive of curiosity to find out how things worked. Very often I was found to have open parts of electrical appliances and a bunch of screwdrivers in my hands trying to tinker and find out how things really worked." 

When Mushfiqur was  14 years old, he was inspired by a group of young people from his school doing amazing things to help disadvantaged kids in their community. He became determined to help bring opportunity to other young people so that they too could develop and foster their curious minds and have the opportunities he had had to build and invent new things.

"After I joined in I was truly taken aback by how happy it made me to even make a small difference in someone else's life."

Mushfiqur and his friends began visiting some rural areas of Bangladesh and doing some construction work to fix run down classrooms. He began to realise how different life was for rural kids and how isolated they were. He found out that most of the children had never in their lives seen a laptop or a computer. He took a computer to the kids with some educational games loaded on it. The children were completely in awe and couldn't get their hands off the laptop.

" They were thrilled to see the amazing moving characters and they were having so much fun. By giving them an opportunity to learn with fun and use their learning to tackle local problems and become local mentors of computer and hands on education we are trying to change the whole narrative of schools in rural hard to reach spaces."

Mushfiqur is determined to bring computer literacy to the kids in rural Bangladesh.

With $1,588, Mushfiqur and a team of university volunteer trainers from Dhaka can provide 8 refurbished desktop computers populated with educational content and basic computer literacy training to 250 children in Chittagong and Bandarban region in the hilly area of Bangladesh.

"The best thing that happened is when my passion to change lives met with my passion to learn and teach by doing."

$1,588 will pay for

  • 8 refurbished desktop computers

  • Development of computer-based learning content

  • Transport, food and accommodation costs for 4 volunteer trainers