Support Meena to provide psychological support to at-risk teenage girls

$870 will pay for:

45 school children to receive education and practical strategies for managing mental issues and resisting self-harm.


Meena's Story

Rajpur, India

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An estimated 200 million people face mental health issues in India. In impoverished parts of the country, girls need incredible strength and resilience to deal with their challenging environments. Without a culture of discussing mental struggles or availability of formal support systems, many young women are suffering in silence.

Meena would like to share her story in the hopes that she can transform the lives of girls in her community.

Meena struggled with psycho-social disability for years and has miraculously survived a number of attempts to end her life. Through extensive counselling and support she has come to value her life. Not only that, her experience taught her that no matter what life throws at you, there is hope that having a fulfilling life is attainable and worth fighting for. Despite not attending school, Meena has taught herself to read and write, learnt English, and has found herself a fulfilling job working in community mental health. She has built up a strong community of friends, has recently married and is feeling positive about her future.

Meena is now a strong advocate for girls’ empowerment in India and is passionate about teaching young, vulnerable girls to value themselves, particularly those who are self-harming or having suicidal thoughts. She shares her personal journey to provide hope to other young women, and gives them concrete strategies to help them move past the dark stage they're in, into positive and healthy mental states.

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Meena plans to work with school girls aged 12 and up, to build resilience among them so they're better able to handle everyday conflicts as well as serious mental health issues. Also a strong advocate of gender equality, Meena says "I tell all my friends’ husbands that they too need to do housework!" 

$870 will enable Meena to educate 45 young girls with psycho-social disabilities, especially those having suicidal thoughts, in three government schools in Rajpur, India, providing them with effective techniques for coping with mental hardship so they too can survive and thrive.

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