Enable Mary to support young mothers to provide a safe home environment for their kids

$992 will pay for: 

50 young mums living in a Nairobi slum to receive clean energy training and safe and fuel-efficient cooking stoves.


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Mary's story

 Mukuru, Kenya

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700 million people in Africa rely on solid fuel to cook, heat and light their homes. Household air pollution is responsible for 1 million deaths in children under 5 every year.

Mary, a young mum from Mukuru slum in Kenya, lost her two year old son to pneumonia.

I learnt that because of the fuel i was using i had unknowingly exposed him to respiratory tract infections, lung cancer and pneumonia.
— Mary

Mary found out that lack of knowledge on the dangers of solid fuel and inefficient cook stoves, as well as lack of access to efficient and reliable cook stoves, was responsible for over 15,000 deaths in Kenya every year.

Rather than allowing her grief to consume her, Mary has made it her mission in life to empower other mothers by teaching them about the importance of clean energy to ensure they are not unknowingly putting their own children in danger. Mary is a passionate clean energy advocate and volunteers as a mentor and trainer for young mothers living in Nairobi slums. Since she began her volunteer work she has trained over 200 young mothers and has qualified for a certificate in clean energy and environmental conservation.

Mary has discovered that the best solution to keep families safe from dangerous traditional stoves is to provide them with locally made clean energy stoves and training on the importance of using clean energy. In her training courses she also teaches mothers how to make 100% smoke-free cooking briquettes from locally sourced materials which can be used as a safer and cheaper alternative to coal or firewood.

$992 will enable Mary to provide 50 young mothers from urban slum communities with clean energy training and will send each mum home with their own safe cooking stove.


$992 will pay for:

  • 50 clean energy stoves
  • Venue hire for a week-long training course 
  • Materials to make smoke-free cooking briquettes
  • Transport for 50 women to attend the training sessions