Support Maria to build an inclusive community centre for children living with disabilities


$1,075 will pay for: 

The construction of a water tank at an Inclusive Community Centre in Kibera Slum, providing children living with disabilities with disability-friendly toilets and safe water for cooking, drinking and cleaning.

Maria's story

Kibera Slum, Kenya

Maria is a local Kenyan woman who is determined to rewrite the story of children who are living with disabilities in the Kibera slum in Nairobi. Before meeting Maria, many children living in the slum had been excluded from society and had not received any medical treatment for their disabilities. There was stigma surrounding their conditions, which were believed to be a curse on their families.

Maria volunteered her time at a sports camp run by the Special Olympics Kenya in 2010. Working with children living with various physical and intellectual disabilities opened Maria’s world to the realities of their lives and had such a significant impact on her that it completely redefined her purpose.

Maria has now set up a grassroots, volunteer based organisation in Kibera Slum, Kenya which currently serves the needs of 210 young people who are living with physical and intellectual disabilities. Along with her team of volunteers, Maria provides children with conditions such as cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, autism, spina bifida and down’s syndrome with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutritional care, informal education and training in activities of daily living. Maria also leads advocacy campaigns to highlight the rights of children living with disabilities and works towards their inclusion in the local community

So that Maria can increase her impact she is currently constructing an Inclusive Community Centre where children with a range of abilities who have been isolated & hidden in Kibera can access education and health opportunities in a safe space. At the centre she will provide rehabilitation, assistive devices, education resources and social activities that will ease the kids' transition into school.

Maria needs $1,075 to pay for a water tank at the centre. This water tank will provide water for cooking, cleaning and drinking at the centre and will provide much needed plumbing and the water supply for the disability-friendly toilets on site.

For $1,075 you can make Maria’s dream a reality, where  disability is no longer seen as a curse but all children regardless of ability have equal opportunities and rights to education, health and social inclusion.