Josephine provided safe, clean cooking stoves to 60 Kenyan women

$1,045 paid for:

A clean energy cook stove and training seminar for 60 teenage mothers living in a Kenyan slum

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Josephine's Story

Mukuru Slum, Kenya

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Mukuru slum in Kenya has a population of over 100,000 people living within 1.2 square kilometres. 96% of people use traditional cook stoves in their homes, which expose many families to air pollution levels 50 times greater than the World Health Organization guidelines for clean air. This sets the stage for heart and lung cancer, as well as many other respiratory diseases.

Josephine is a young mother from Mukuru who is committed to improving the living conditions in her community.

A few months ago, I took my 2-year-old baby to the local Mukuru dispensary due to chest congestion and heavy breathing complications. The nurse there noticed that I had frequented the dispensary with the same health problems and thus recommended that I improve my cook stove.
— Josephine

The nurse referred Josephine to a training session on the importance of using clean energy. At this training she received a clean cook stove that she can now use to safely cook meals for her family. She was blown away by the huge difference that the cook stove made to her health.

Within a few days my problems started disappearing. It was magical. My son's health got better and my expenditure on buying fuel also reduced.”

 Josephine is determined to spread the word about the life-changing effects that switching to clean energy has had on her and her family and would like to support other young mums in Mukuru to adopt this new way of cooking by talking about her own experience using the clean cook stove. 

Today I spend $2 less on fuel every week and my baby has never been healthier! I would wish be part of the cause for change in Mukuru Slum community by helping other teen moms and their babies to live healthier, by sharing with them my experience, which they can easily relate with.
— Josephine

For $1,045 Josephine organised a training session for 60 young mums in her community, where she spoke about the great results she has experienced, while experts shared the benefits of using clean energy. Each mum also received a clean cook stove and training on how to use it in a safe and cost effective manner.