Huong wants to provide an engaging and stimulating education to her students

$1,066 will pay for:

Indoor and outdoor educational equipment for 67 Vietnamese children

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Huong's Story

Phu Son, Vietnam

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Phu Son is a rural community with a population of less than 10,000 people, located in the lower mountainous region of Northern Vietnam. With low-income agriculture being the predominate livelihood of the local people, there are high instances of poverty and scarce resources to go around. As school is not free in Vietnam many parents can't afford to send their children to school, and as a result, less than 50% of the children in Phu Son attend kindergarten.

Huong is a teacher at one of the few kindergartens in Phu Son, where 67 of the poorest children go to learn. She believes teaching is a noble profession and having always wanted to be a teacher, she comes to class excited about her students.

Kids are defiant and difficult at times; however, I treat them with patience and passion. What I receive in reward of that is the adorable love from my little angels.
— Huong

In 2010 the local government upgraded Huong’s school building structure but there wasn’t enough funding to provide educational toys and outdoor equipment. There are no shelves inside to stack what they do have, and the students only have an empty slab of concrete to play on when they’re outside, meaning they lack stimulating toys and equipment which are essential for learning and play.

The classroom

The classroom

Outdoor area

Outdoor area

The poor facility poses many challenges to Huong and her colleagues. While she tries to make the best with what she has to create interesting and fun activities for the children, with such limited resources Huong’s concerned her students are missing out on essential aspects of their education and school life.

Huong wants to equip her school with educational toys and outdoor play equipment, so the students are stimulated to learn through play as well as study. For $1,066 Huong can purchase the necessary equipment so these children can reap the benefits of a complete and fulfilling education.