Help Esrat to deliver healthcare to kids in Bangladesh

$985 will pay for

A week-long health camp run in a Bangladeshi slum, so that 300 disadvantaged kids can receive mental and physical healthcare


Esrat's story

Dhaka, Bangladesh

In the urban slums of Dhaka Bangladesh 1 in 5 girls are raped every day and 3 out of 5 young people have no access to medical care at all.

Esrat, a local Bangladeshi woman is determined to change these statistics. Esrat began visiting the slums two years ago and as she got to know the young people there she learnt the realities of their lives and committed to helping them. 

Since 2015, Esrat has recruited medical professionals and counsellors to work as volunteers in the Dhaka slums to bring much needed medical care to the children and young people in the community. She has managed to now reach 3000 children with these services. As well as primary healthcare services, Esrat has been providing pycho-social support services to girls who have faced sexual abuse and educational sessions to the wider community about topics such as children's rights, mutual respect and gender equality.

Esrat would like to run a health camp to provide much needed mental and physical health care at Dhamalkhot School in Vashantek slum, one of the biggest slums in Dhaka. Many people here live hand to mouth and the students go to school in the morning and work throughout the evening selling fruit, balloons, and flowers in the streets to support their families. Healthcare is seen as a luxury for the kids in Vashantek slum. 

Esrat would like to run a week long health camp where she can reach 300 six and seven year old children with primary health care services and  medications. She will organise community education sessions and counselling sessions for the children and their mothers. She wants to develop a safe space where the kids can talk and share as well as ask for social support.

Previous health camps that Esrat have run have led to an increase in attendance at school and a significant improvement in the kids' health.

$985 will cover all the expenses related to running the health camp for 300 children including medicine, food, equipment, materials and transportation for medical volunteers.


$985 will pay for: 

  • medicine for common illnesses
  • nutritional food and water bottles
  • leaflets and equipment for educational and counselling sessions
  • transportation for the volunteer medical professionals to travel to the slum