Support Elizabeth to help Maasai children with disabilities in Kenya


$1,332 will pay for:

100 kids with disabilities to receive medical treatment and support from a team of physiotherapists.


Elizabeth's story

Maasai Magadi, Kenya

In Maasai communities in rural Kenya, alarm has been raised over the number of unidentified children  with disabilities silently suffering while hidden away in their homes. In Kajiado at least 200 of the 302 children that suffer from cerebral palsy do so mainly due to fetal distress infections, lack of immunisations and developmental milestones delays. Their condition is further worsened by malnutrition due to the lack of awareness and high poverty levels. All these are as a result of failure to access timely medical attention and information during pregnancy and immediately after birth.

In the Maasai culture, having a disability is seen as a curse and stigma levels are rampant among the local population, so the children are hidden away without the extent of their disability or treatment options being assessed. In almost every family there is a baby who has died and many parents have no idea what to do if their baby develops common ailments such as jaundice or a fever.

Elizabeth, a Kenyan physiotherapist has done extensive research on children with disabilities among the Maasai communities and has met with and successfully rehabilitated many disabled children in her 17 year career. Elizabeth is now determined to bring dignity and treatment, and change the story of disabled Maasai children.

 Elizabeth wants to bring a team of occupational therapist/physiotherapists from Nairobi to run educational sessions and one on one treatment sessions for families of children with disabilities in the Maasai Magadi area of Kenya.

 Having already met with over 100 mothers of Maasai children with disabilities, Elizabeth has witnessed a massive demand for this knowledge, so they can look after their children and treat their needs, ensuring they can have the best futures available to them.

 In the educational sessions Elizabeth and her team of volunteer  therapists will start with the basics, explaining to mothers about different types of disabilities and the preventative measures they can take to stop these occurring, and encouraging them to seek medical advice for themselves and their children.

George inspiring a group of school kids

George inspiring a group of school kids

Children’s individual needs will then be assessed, with therapists providing on-the-spot therapy and advising on individualised, longer term treatment plans.

 There will also be an inspirational guest speaker, George, a young man with disabilities who received therapy from Elizabeth and wants to share with the Maasai community his personal journey from being stigmatised and excluded in his own community to becoming empowered and accepted through the help of Elizabeth’s cohesive therapy.

Following the education sessions and assessments of each of the children, Elizabeth will discuss with the team of  therapists what the greatest needs are in the community (such as regular orthopaedic surgeon visits to their communities), and will then work to fulfil these needs.

By raising $1,332 you can fund Elizabeth’s program which will reduce stigma and provide much needed medical treatment and advice to 100 disabled children and their parents, providing them with the opportunity to live fulfilling lives.


$1,258 WILL PAY FOR:

  • Transport for Maasai kids and their parents to see physiotherapists
  • First Aid kit and basic medication
  • Accommodation cost for visiting volunteer therapists
  • Tea and nutritious lunches for Maasai families
  • Equipment hire