Enable Douglas to provide a safe, educational play area for children living in slums

$1,211 will pay for:

Books, toys and educational equipment for 100 children living in Mathare slum, so they can play and learn safely.


Douglas's Story

Mathare, kenya


Mathare is the largest slum in Kenya. Families live in tiny one-room shacks with no running water or electricity, and many families can only afford to feed their kids one meal a day. With no playgrounds, kids run around near roadsides and between houses which usually have open sewers running through them. Due to such restraints education becomes a low priority.


Douglas grew up in Mathare. His family couldn’t afford school fees or the required $1 textbook, so he spent most of his time out of school, hanging about the slum. At 14 Douglas learnt how to do buzzcuts, and got a job at a local barber earning $10 a month. He saved all his wages and put himself through school.

Once educated, Douglas decided to do something to provide the children of Mathare with opportunities for learning and development like the kids living in more stable housing had. So he set up a safe community centre for kids to learn and play in, run by dedicated volunteers who look after and educate the children.

The local community came to value Douglas’s centre so much they provided a rent-free piece of land and built a bigger, more stable building for Douglas to host his programmes. The centre has become an essential hub in the community, providing the kids with a safe and clean learning environment. But the resources are extremely limited and there are not enough books, toys and educational games for all the kids to develop essential skills while they play.  

$1,211 will provide 100 Kenyan children with a safe and educational play environment, well-equipped with quality learning resources, so they can develop the skills needed to reach their potential.

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