Enable Charlotte to support young mothers to provide a safe home environment for their kids

$1,082 will pay for: 

60 young mums to be trained in the importance of using clean energy in their homes. Each mum will also receive a safe and fuel-efficient stove for cooking in their family homes.


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Charlotte's story

 Mukuru, Kenya

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700 million people in Africa rely on solid fuel to cook, heat and light their homes. Household air pollution is responsible for 1 million deaths in children under 5 years old every year.

Charlotte, a young mum from Mukuru, Kenya is all too aware of the dangers of household air pollution caused by the traditional stoves used in slum communities right across Africa.

Life for a young girl orphaned at the age of 10 years growing up in Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, was tough, risky and unbearable. By sixteen I was a teenage mom and my journey got even harder from there. I had to drop out of school to figure out a way to fend for myself and my daughter. My first job was selling charcoal within the slum community and it was the only fuel I could afford. My daughter and I kept suffering from respiratory tract infections and when she turned two she suffered a severe burn injury from a traditional stove
— Charlotte

After watching many other children burning themselves on traditional stoves and watching her friends and fellow community members suffer from the effects of household air pollution, Charlotte decided she must take action. She saved up and enrolled in an adult school to learn about the health hazards caused by charcoal and other harmful solid fuels. Charlotte then went on to develop a low-cost stove that uses 30-60% less charcoal or firewood than other traditional stoves on the market and reduces toxic smoke emissions by 50-90%. She has also designed her stove to be much more stable and sheltered than traditional stoves, preventing the risk of burns to children.

Charlotte is determined to educate as many people as possible about the dangers of household air pollution and encourage them to use safer cooking devices in their homes. She has identified that providing young mothers with stoves and training them to be advocates on the importance of clean energy is the most effective way to ensure her message is communicated at scale to large slum areas.

$1,082 will enable Charlotte to provide 60 young mothers with safe cooking stoves and train them to be advocates for clean energy in their urban slum communities.


$1,082 will pay for:

  • 60 clean energy stoves
  • Venue hire for a week-long training course for 60 young mums in the importance of clean energy
  • Transport for 60 women to attend the training sessions
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