Enable Bushra to establish a bakery and train students to run it going forward

$940 will pay for:

A solar oven-powered bakery to be set up in an isolated village in Bangladesh, providing local people with the skills and opportunity to earn money by baking and selling food.


Bushra's Story

Thanchi, Bangladesh


1 out of every 3 Bangladeshis live below the poverty line, and young people living in rural areas have limited opportunity for quality employment.

Bushra is a baker from Dhaka, who also happens to be the best friend and colleague of Mushfiqur, one of Just Peoples’ longstanding local heroes. Together, Bushra and Mushfiqur provide creative educational and employment opportunities for some of Bangladesh’s poorest youth to learn, escape poverty and thrive.

Three years ago Bushra and Mushfiqur began visiting a free school in the mountainous region of Thanchi. Students are among some of the poorest children in Bangladesh and the key challenge to help them break the cycle of poverty was a lack of access to a quality education given their isolated location. Thanks to the hard work by Bushra and the team, the school now has quality education programmes, sports and literature clubs and access to healthcare and medicine.

The next most pressing need that Bushra has identified in this community, is employment opportunities for students who graduate from the community school.

Thanchi is a naturally beautiful area of Bangladesh and attracts many tourists every year. Bushra has identified a market opportunity to train students to bake and open up a small bakery on the school premises that uses solar ovens.

The youth of Thanchi are excited to sell freshly baked goods to tourists, and in the process, learn skills such as book-keeping, sales and marketing as well as learning how to bake.

$940 will enable Bushra to set up a bakery and train 85 students in baking and business skills.