Support Benter to provide the women of her rural village safe, efficient cooking stoves

$918 will pay for:

60 safe, clean-energy cookstoves so 60 Kenyan women can save precious time and money collecting fuel.

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Benter's Story

Siaya County, Kenya

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In rural areas of Kenya women and girls spend an average of 2 hours a day collecting wood and cooking - time that could be better spent on gaining an education or earning an income.

Benter is a 49-year-old widow, she lives with her grandchildren in a small village in Kalandin, Siaya County. She sells pineapples at the local market and uses the income earned to feed and educate her grandchildren.

Benter has cooked meals using open fires since she was a little girl. She never went to school and the most important chores she was tasked with when growing up were cooking and collecting firewood, like most girls in rural areas in Kenya.

A clean-energy cook stove will reduce Benter’s daily fuel requirements by half, reducing the time she spends collecting wood and giving her more time to earn an income selling pineapples. This new cookstove will also significantly reduce toxic smoke emissions in Benter’s home.

Upon hearing of these new clean energy cooking devices, Benter has become determined to support families in her community with stoves. She wants women and girls to be empowered to live healthier lives with more time available for education and income generating activities.

$918 will provide Benter and 59 other mothers in her community with safe cooking stoves.