Empower Beatrice to give homeless mothers a new start in life for themselves and their children

$980 will pay for:

Bedding and clothing for 9 previously homeless young mothers and their children



Beatrice's Story

Kampala, Uganda


Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. With an estimated 500,000 people who are homeless and an average of 6 children being born to each women, it is no surprise that an estimated 80 children are abandoned in the capital of Kampala every year.

Beatrice grew up in poverty and single handedly raised her 8 children. She has a strong passion for child development and, since her own children have left home, began working at a children’s home in Kampala. Five years later, Beatrice has now determined that she can impact the lives of more vulnerable children by not only supporting kids themselves but by guiding and counselling young mothers to become better parents.

“Mama Beatrice” as she is affectionately known, now supports previously homeless mothers and their babies at a shelter, which she runs in Kampala. She takes in young pregnant women and single mothers who are in need of life skills and support to raise their kids. Beatrice is determined to create a safe space for these young women to protect their babies and give them the best opportunities she can to break the cycle of poverty in their families.

While she is well placed to provide the young women with guidance and a loving environment, Beatrice’s shelter is in urgent need of more quality bedding, clothing for the children and mosquito nets to protect the resident mums and their bubs from contracting malaria, which is the leading cause of death in Uganda.

With $980, Beatrice can support 9 young mothers and their babies at her shelter by providing comfortable bedding, malaria nets and clothing.