is determined to bring science education to disadvantaged students in South Africa


$587 will pay for:

13 complete science kits and tutorial sessions so that 250 students can learn and conduct science experiments.


Bathabile's story

Durban, South Africa

Bathabile always knew she was smart. A quick learner with a curious mind, she devoured her school education, coming top of her class in every subject. Her parents believed in her talents and supported her dream to become a doctor. So when she moved from her rural South African village to go to university in Durban it came as a shock to Bathabile that for the first time in her life, she wasn’t top of the class in her favourite subject, Science. The reason for this was that she’d never engaged in practical science and was required to complete multiple lab experiments in order to pass the class. The other students who came from the big cities all had experience with practical science as their more affluent schools were well equipped with test tubes, beakers, chemicals and all the gear needed to do so. As a result of this disadvantage Bathabile didn’t pass her science class and wasn’t able to enter medical school.

But Bathabile didn’t let this disappointment get her down. Instead, she decided to fix the imbalance in the school system and bring practical science to the students in disadvantaged areas, evening up the playing field. Bathabile sought out suppliers of lab equipment and assembled kits which would enable students to conduct 52 experiments – one for every week of the year! She then took these kits to rural schools and trained teachers how to use them so they can teach their students. She’s even made the kits available for home use so parents can learn with their children at home.

Each kit costs $40 and includes everything a curious mind needs to learn the basics of practical science, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue higher education in this important field.

For $587 you can supply 13 complete science kits to Ilanga High School in Durban as well as cover the costs of two tutorial lessons by a trained science teacher to demonstrate how to use them properly, so these keen kids will have the opportunity to become South Africa’s future scientists, doctors and engineers.