Support Anastasia to offer free pre-school education in Batam

$641 will pay for:

Six-months worth of pre-school education for 42 children.



Anastasia's story

Batam, Indonesia


Anastasia moved from a small island in Indonesia to the industrial town of Batam to find work and support her young family. Her village is located on and among Batam’s main rubbish dump.

Many families such as Anastasia’s come to Batam looking for work in the factories and end up unemployed and isolated, with no choice but to collect and sell rubbish to earn enough to survive. Many of the local children who have not been lucky enough to afford an education have ended up collecting and selling rubbish with their parents or, worse still have ended up in the drug and sex trafficking trade.

When Anastasia arrived in Batam she was lucky enough to secure a job in a factory during the week, and spends her weekends volunteering her time to teach the local children in her community to read and write. She strongly believes that, with the right education, children can break the cycle of poverty in Batam.

Where Anastasia lives, a non-government organisation called Yayasan has opened a free preschool that offers education to 6 and 7 year old children in the community. This school is completely free of charge for the children. The Yayasan school also provides employment opportunities for the wider community, as teachers are trained and hired from within the community and repairs to the school are carried out by students’ parents and other local people. The preschool focuses on reading, writing and maths so that their students are equipped with the skills needed to participate in the public primary school system.

Anastasia is hugely grateful that her own children have been able to attend this preschool and have been given the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their community. Both of her children love going to school and her 8-year-old son is now excelling at his studies at public primary school.

In 2015, the top three highest-achieving students at a Batam public primary school had all previously attended a free Yayasan preschool. As news of this success spread throughout the rubbish dump community, more and more parents realised the benefit of preschool education and enrolled their kids at the preschool.

The sudden increase in students has resulted in overcrowding and Yayasan preschool now needs to hire extra teachers to cope with the extra demand.

With Anastasia’s passion for education and volunteer experience teaching children to read and write she would love the opportunity to teach at Yayasan. Each $107 you raise can enable Anastasia to teach at Yayasan preschool for a month. Anastasia will also be supported with teacher training and qualifications.

In a community such as Anastasia's where people face multiple hardships, Yayasan schools provide much needed hope for a more positive future for these hard-working people. Providing funding for Anastasia to teach at Yayasan will enable Yayasan to extend its essential services and education to 42 vulnerable children in Batam.

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