Christey & Johanna


After spending our twenties and early thirties travelling and working around the world we had witnessed a lot of poverty.

We had a fire in our bellies - why should we have so many opportunities while others were stuck living in desperate situations, purely because of where we were lucky enough to have been born? (In our case - New Zealand).

We felt a sense of responsibility to support our international sisters and brothers who were doing it tough. We both studied international development and worked on projects across Asia, Africa and Central America. The more we learnt about 'solving poverty' through our work and studies, the more we realised how complex and localised the causes were. We spent a lot of time questioning if what we were doing was even helpful or if it was just satisfying our own desire to contribute. 

As we looked closer, we realised everywhere we went we met strong, inspiring and resilient local people and organisations with solutions to poverty in their own communities. And we were always surprised by their resourcefulness - to see how much they could do with such small amounts of money. What they often didn't have, however, was access to the funds required to make their solutions happen.

We grew frustrated knowing that there is enough money in the world to support these life-changing local projects. And we knew there were thousands of people willing to help if they knew the human impact their dollars could make. But nobody knew about these people or projects....

and so Just Peoples was born.

We set up Just Peoples to connect these local heroes with those with the means and passion to bring their solutions to life. To tell their stories and enable people to fund or fundraise and make their micro-projects self-sustainable. Through our work and travels, we built an extensive network of partners uniquely positioned to refer local heroes and organisations to Just Peoples: a global movement of people connecting people. 

And it's important to us that the relationship doesn't end once the micro-projects have been funded. We know the people who fund the projects we feature really care. They choose which project to fund because they connect with it, and want to know about the incredible work being made possible by their support. So we continue the connection and ensure each person who funds a micro-project receives personalised feedback on the impact of their dollars. This enables donors to watch change unfold and celebrate the locals from wherever they are in the world.

We believe global poverty doesn't need to be overwhelming. There is something that each of us can do to help.

Thank you for believing in us and for your support!

Christey & Johanna
Co-founders, Just Peoples.