Why I volunteer with Just Peoples

Since she was born in the south of France, Julie has always loved traveling and had the chance to live in various countries. She is now in Singapore, working for a big American IT company in sales, and believes she can change the world, with just one more little drop in the ocean, because everybody can do something!

She has never found out who let the dogs out, why Dora doesn't just use google maps, or why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed... But she loves the sound of the sea, the smell of lilies and peoples, just peoples. Ethical, optimistic, passionate, digital enthusiast, Julie is our community manager.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a rich country, where I didn’t have to think about my education, or the roof over my head. I somehow always knew it, and was always concerned about the world and people who wouldn’t be as lucky as me. I guess my parents taught me well.

So when I was in University, I started a project with a couple of schoolmates to raise money for kids in Ethiopia. We knew we couldn’t procure/provide food, or medicine, but were thinking that maybe these kids need to have some fun. So with the funds, we bought notebooks and color pencils and brought everything to the kids. This was a wonderful experience, a learning on the world, on myself, and something I was very proud of…

However, when I started my career, I forgot about the others, I focused on my job, worked crazy hours, enjoying the adrenaline of selling, being in the corporate world, negotiating with customers, committing on results. As I was evolving in my job, being successful sometimes, stressed always, I started to realize I was missing something. Doing something else for someone else, not my day to day work not for my company, nor for myself.

In December 2015, I discovered Just Peoples gift cards\ on Facebook and bought a few for my family. Such a great Xmas present, such a wonderful idea. Interested by this fabulous concept, I had a look at the website, did a bit of research on the founders, the “business model” and decided to contact them to offer my services. I didn’t really know what I could do, but I knew I wanted to do something.

After a couple of conversations and meetings, I joined the team in January 2016, and started the journey. Discovering a new world, the charity world, trying to help via social media, developing the strategy to increase the impact… I liked it, had the feeling I was part of something, and was doing something good, for the others, for the world…. I always thought that everybody can do something, as long as we want it, and with just more little drop in the ocean, together, we can change the world!

So if at first, it was more about doing something else for someone else, along the way, I realized it impacted me as well. By spending some time on JP, I could balance my life with something that made me feel good. As I live a stressful life, dealing with demanding customers from the financial sector, selling complex solutions, and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts…. I can enjoy spending a few hours a week discussing about our Social media strategy, our new projects, discovering a new fundraiser…. And I love it, it feels so good… changing the world, for others, and for me!

Now, to balance my life, escape from work, relax, I have Pilates and my volunteering work with JP :)


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