Our zero commission approach

We don't take a cut from micro-project donations

We have chosen not to take a cut from any donations that have been made towards the micro-project you choose to support. This is because we want to ensure that our local heroes receive as much of your dollar as possible to support their life-changing work.

Each donation made through our website will be subject to an unavoidable 30c + 2.9% fee which is taken by our payment provider (Stripe) before your donation reaches Just Peoples. The rest of every donation is then transferred across to our project partners so our local heroes can get to work on your chosen micro-project.


But how do we support our overhead costs?

At the moment, we're managing to keep our overheads very low. Our team isn't paid for the work that they do, and we're very grateful to the people that volunteer their time for us. 

The costs that we do have are currently covered by our Founding 50 and by donations directly to Just Peoples (rather than to a specific project). Our Founding 50 is a group of 50 of our very first individual and business supporters who have believed in our vision from the start and make regular donations. Together these donations enable us to cover our on-going costs, such as running our website and  finding people to fund our micro-projects. As we look to scale up our operations, we are also looking for additional support to cover our growing operational cost. 


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