Our local Partners

We believe that local people have solutions to the poverty in their own communities.

We seek out and partner with a bunch of incredible grass-roots organisations across Asia and Africa who plan and implement projects that address the root causes of poverty in their local contexts.

We collaborate with YGAP, a leading Australian charity. YGAP work with world class social entrepreneurs and small-scale charitable organisations in Kenya, Bangladesh and South Africa who are solving poverty in their communities and help them to scale up their impact. At Just Peoples, we partner with organisations that have completed the YGAP program and require funding to implement their projects.
YGAP’s rigorous selection processes, vetting processes and support program ensure that Just Peoples micro-projects provide effective and localised solutions to poverty.

As members of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network, Just Peoples co-founders Christey and Johanna also have access to a network of social impact entrepreneurs who are changing the lives of people living in poverty across Asia.

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The Support from Just peoples enabled us to educate young mothers on the impacts of Household air pollution and the benefits of clean energy, provide poor households with a better cooking technology and engage our local communities in fundamental conversations regarding awareness creation and sustainable methods in reducing household air pollution. Coming in as an early supporter, Just Peoples enabled us to expand our operations and build our credibility which later exposed us to bigger opportunities.
— Charlot, Mukuru Clean Stoves