our founding 50

The 50 people who were there from the start

Our Founding 50 are a group of awesome people from around the globe who share our vision of a world free from poverty. They have believed in Just Peoples from the beginning and have been some of our first volunteers, donors, fundraisers and supporters. They committed to supporting Just Peoples with at least $20 per month for our first 12 months and beyond  as we set up our operations to work with local heroes and significantly change the lives of people living in poverty.

It’s really important to us that Just Peoples doesn’t to take a cut from the money that is raised for our local heroes, and by supporting our initial overhead costs, our Founding 50 enabled us to achieve this zero commission approach from the beginning.

As we scale up our efforts, and look for further funding for our increasing overheads, our Founding 50 continue to be a huge support, and we will always be grateful to them.