Gift of Education Technology

Gift of Education Technology


Give one electronic tablet pre-loaded with school subjects.

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42% of Kenyans live below the poverty line and people living in rural areas face increased challenges with limited access to healthcare, safe water and other social services, which are primarily located in the cities. As a result of a lack of access to quality education, some rural areas of Kenya have a literacy rate of less than 10%.

Although most children are enrolled in school, many cannot afford books to study from. The schools themselves often don’t have books for every subject. There is also a shortage of teachers in the area with teachers often being responsible for teaching up to seventy children at once.

In order to support these students, Just Peoples’ partner in Kenya’s solution is to provide tablets, which have educational resources pre-loaded onto them, to the students in his community school. These resources have been developed by Kenya’s Ministry of Education and form part of the national school curriculum.

Through this technology the students become much more engaged with their learning and the tablets also provide a great solution for self-directed learning when teacher availability is limited.

Providing children with the a tablet through the Gift of Technology and Education gives rural students access to the national educational curriculum, raising the standard of rural education in Kenya so that all children have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their community.