Gift of Children's Schooling

Gift of Children's Schooling


Educate a class of 30 children in Indonesia for one month.

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In a community established beside a rubbish dump in Batam, Indonesia, most families live a hand-to-mouth existence, with many residents seeing no other option but to engage in sex work or drug trafficking in order to survive. As parents can’t afford to send their children to school, the children are often forced to collect and sell rubbish, to supplement the family income.

In order to enter a state-funded primary school, children must already know how to read and write. Unfortunately parents from this community are often illiterate so are unable to teach their children, and as preschool is not free of charge, the children have no way of entering primary school.

In order to support these children, Just Peoples’ partner in Batam runs a preschool which is free of charge. The remarkable school which teaches the children how to read and write, as well as basic maths skills, receives no government funding and is completely reliant on private donations. 

Your gift will pay for a class of children from this community in Batam to attend preschool for a month. This will prepare them for primary school, building the foundations for a more secure future.