Gift of Maternity Health

Gift of Maternity Health


$38.00 will pay for one mother and her baby to receive maternity healthcare.

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With many children dying before the age of two and high levels of malnutrition in rural South African villages, there is an urgent need for improved maternal healthcare.

Just Peoples’ partner in South Africa provides free information to expecting and current mothers about baby and child health and nutrition. The entirely volunteer run organisation offers home visits and group classes to expecting and current mothers so that more mothers recognise the importance of not only preparing for birth, but also post-natal care, immunisation and breastfeeding.

These services have hugely positive effects on the community as more women are being checked by a doctor during pregnancy, and more newborns are being brought into the local clinic for regular health checks.

Providing pregnant women with midwife support and infant nutrition and information packs through the Gift of Maternity Health gives mothers and their babies the resources and assistance they need to raise healthy children and break the cycle of poverty in their families and their communities. Your gift will enable one more mother and her baby to receive these essential services.