Gift of Clean Water

Gift of Clean Water


Give one water purifying filter to a family in rural Kenya.

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In Kenya, 56% of the population do not have access to clean, safe water. Of all diseases that are diagnosed by doctors, 80% originate from contaminated water. Here, water borne illnesses like ameba and typhoid are just a part of daily life.

In the Rift Valley area, one of the most impoverished areas in Kenya, local residents pump brown, dirty water from the river to drink and cook with. With water purifying filter’s costing around $50, most local people have no choice but to use the contaminated river water.

Just Peoples’ partner in the Rift Valley has a local supplier who sells her commercial water filters at a fraction of the retail price. She also has a team of skilled volunteers who visit local villages, educating people on the importance of clean water.

Providing people with the Gift of Clean Water gives on Kenyan family the opportunity to be free of water-borne diseases so they can begin to live healthier and more productive lives.